Personal Information

Dave Habib

Full Name: Dave Habib
Gender: Male
Profession: Professional Trainer

In 1976, Dave Habib started his boxing career in Calgary, Alberta. He was training at the National Fitness Center with Manser Ismail. He then moved to Kelowna in 1979 and began training with the Kelowna Lakeshore Boxing Club which then brought him on to voluntary work helping young kids train. As time went on, he fell into a coaching position first locally, which moved up to a provincial level, and then on to working with world level athletes such as Billy Agar.

Dave has worked with and brought many national competitors to his community – some who have gone on and had very successful professional careers.

Kelowna Boxing Club is the largest club nation-wide for registered members, and has some of the best attended club shows in history. Dave is right now in the process of completing level 4/5 of the NCCP Coaching Program. But boxing aside, he and the rest of the Kelowna Boxing Club have also worked with many elite Hockey players at the NHL level.

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